Izzy and I had a quick road trip to Atlanta the other night. I took advantage of the situation to do some serious bargain shopping. We don’t have Marshall’s in Rome, and that has always been one of my favorite stores. Being the frugal girl that I am, I play a little game with myself… see how much I can buy for as little money as possible. Preferrably under $20. Marshall’s has a great section of pet items, and I thought I could pick up a few new indestructible toys for the puppies – and a few other things. It was a successful venture, but the check-out process was priceless.

Me to Associate: If this doesn’t work out, can I return it to the TJMaxx in Rome? I know y’all are owned by the same company.

Associate: Is there a TJMaxx in Rome??!

Me: Yeah! And it’s a great one too – the store just went through a huge renovation, and it’s really nice!

Associate: Oooo, I need to go to Rome!

Me: Well, it’s only 60 miles north, and you could make it a great day trip; there is a lot to do!

Associate: Huh? (with a very perplexed, and confused look on her face)

Me: LOL! Oh, you thought I was from Rome, Italy?? I’m from Rome, GA!!

She was terribly embarassed. I couldn’t stop laughing. Bless her heart. I most definatley have an accent, but it is NOT Italian; I’m a southern girl through and through.

cats & dogs…

Skeeter & Juno

I just had to throw in this picture. Skeeter & Juno inhabit our house too. Skeeter likes to play with the puppies (he is bigger than Pippa) and Juno and Pippa have a love/hate relationship. Pippa chases Juno. Juno is traumatized. Juno turns, hisses, and chases Pippa. And they go in circles for hours.

cani e gatti. questo è amore.

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One Response to rome?

  1. Mumsy, Chancy and Crew says:

    Your shopping and invitation to the associate gave me a laugh. Skeeter and Juno look like sweeties! It sounds like they keep some action going around your place. Hugs and nose kisses

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