the insinkerator

Hello friends! It’s been a while. Things have been crazy around here. The puppies are still 100% puppies. Still chewing on everything. Still not fully house-broken (but we’re getting there!)

Chaco now has a kennel. He’s still not too happy about getting in there. But he doesn’t cry for as long as he used to. I am always afraid the neighbors walking by will think we are torturing the dogs. Pippa continues to eat everything she shouldn’t. brownies. chicken wings. memory foam.

Yum! Dum Dums!

Halloween candy (Dum Dum’s to be exact)

Bud Light...

And finishes it all off with a beer.

I think I’m going to change her name to “insinkerator.”

Fall has finally arrived in Georgia. Happy Fall y’all =)

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