from mischief to pure mayhem

It’s been quite the week in our house. This was the scene over the weekend –

Pippa & Chaco

These are two little angels, just chillin’ and behaving. They went out to do their business (accidents still happen!) and they played well with each other and the cats. They ate their own food, and didn’t get near the litter box.

utter mayhem

This was just a few hours later. This is a great example of their love of paper towels. And my new dislike of them. Picking up tiny pieces of shredded paper towels isn’t easy. It’s a real pain. After I cleaned this up, all was well in the house of cats & puppies.

Until yesterday. Katherine came home for lunch to this scene –

nothing is sacred

I took several photos, but the girls like this one best because Pippa is checking out the garbage can. Figures. So, I can’t really get onto them at this point because the damage has been done, and I didn’t catch them in the act. We give them squeaky toys – what’s the difference in a squeaky toy and a sofa cushion? Besides the obvious – size and no squeaker inside. I have to laugh. They thought they had hit paydirt with all the stuffing inside.

it wasn't me

This is what Skeeter thought of the situation. He was really worried. Can you tell?

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One Response to from mischief to pure mayhem

  1. Mumsy, Chancy and Crew says:

    Oh, my goodness!!! We thinks somebody had a really fun time. Skeeter you got the right idea that position will always keep you outta trouble. Love all these pictures, but the one of Skeeter is a keeper for sure. Hugs and nose kisses

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