mischief un-managed

Just in case you were wondering… the slap of Juno’s claw didn’t cause any damage to Pippa’s eye.

say cheese!

If I broadened out the photo, you would be able to see the latest installment of shredded paper – part 2. The puppies got into the recycling bin. At one point today, Katherine’s Facebook status said “mischief managed.” I panicked. I thought she was referring to the puppies. (Silly me. It’s a reference to Harry Potter in honor of the big premiere tonight of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.” Also known as The End)

But I also thought it was very befitting of this post =) but their mischief is un-managed. This house is out of control; in every sense of the word!

poor chair

This is the latest object of Pippa and Chaco’s affection. I need to purchase Grannick’s Bitter Apple spray (http://www.bitterapple.com/) to keep them away from ALL of the wooden furniture (and pillows. and shoes. and upholstery. and more!)

fat cat

But they obviously don’t bother Skeeter when they are eating away the leg of his chair.

So in honor of my little muggle and her obsession with all things in the wizarding world(sic) – “I solomnly swear they are up to no good…”

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One Response to mischief un-managed

  1. Mumsy says:

    Oh, we have some furniture and walls around here too that have been marked, shredded and whatever by some sweeties. We don’t have any paper shredders though. Despite it all don’t you just love them though? We can’t help but love ’em. Hugs and nose kisses all around.

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