H-O-T D-O-G!

It sure is hot. The  inside animals pass the day away by lounging around because it’s so hot outside. They can tell. It’s so hot, the air conditioning can’t really keep up. The outside cats are lounging on the deck. In the shade. Up on the wrought iron chairs so the air circulates around them. That would be kitty-cat AC. I thought about getting a kiddie pool for them, but that thought lasted all but one second, since cats don’t really care to get IN the water.

Remember “The Sound of Music?” When the children are introducing themselves to Fraulein Maria, Kurt says he is “incorrigible,” and then asks what that means. I have the definition of incorrigible living in my house, and her name is Pippa.  She is one hot mess and into anything and everything. Nothing is sacred. Lessons are hard to learn. She just learned a hard lesson at the paws, I mean claws of Juno. It’s the second time Juno has tried to teach Pippa this lesson, ie: don’t chase the cat. Juno likes to turn the table and chase Pippa – but after she gets tired of this game, she will swat Pippa a good one. And it’s always around her eye. I cleaned the scrapes (thank God, from what I can tell no claws got her cornea like last time) but it will probably be swollen tomorrow. I will keep close watch on her.

Josie, Juno and Skeeter

Pardon the messy room. It belongs to a teenager. But Josie loved the cats. I think it was because she was here first, and they adapted to her. Skeeter and Pippa play together, nicely. He’s a good ole soul. Juno, well, she was here first, and doesn’t really take too kindly to Pippa toppling her off her Queenly throne. Pardon my french, but most of the time we call Juno by her full name – Juno Bitch. She really can be one, she is quite the Queen; but she is also very loveable. Ok, sometimes she is loveable. Like when she is hungry. Anyway… that was the excitement in our household tonight.

One tired, beat-up pup

Nothing like ending your day defeated. Tomorrow is another day Pippa-girl!

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One Response to H-O-T D-O-G!

  1. Mumsy says:

    Oh, we are sorry to hear about Pippa’s eye…sure hope it will be okay. Sweet pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

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