D.I.E.T. (did i eat that?)

Even though we live in “the city,” we have a garden. Nothing big – but alot of tomatoes, some peppers, and as long as the weather will allow – zucchini and squash.

grape tomatoes =)

Our first harvest of the season – little grape tomatoes. Yum!!

Yesterday, David plucked two beautiful zucchini from the vine. One is sitting on my counter, waiting to be sliced, diced and grilled.

Here is the second one:

relentless pippa

Or all that is left of it is in my fist, and relentless little Pippa is doing her best to finish it off. It must’ve rolled off the kitchen counter, and straight into the jaws of Pippa. She ate the whole thing, and it wasn’t a little zucchini. Never. in. my. life. have I had a dog so adamant about eating people food. Josie gave me a run for my money (and whatever I was eating), but Pippa is in a class all by herself.

I can hear Josie snickering in heaven…

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2 Responses to D.I.E.T. (did i eat that?)

  1. Wow! If only kids would be so intent with their veges.!

  2. Mumsy says:

    You go Pippa, zucchini is good stuff! Hugs and nose kisses

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