what’s up doxie?

June 13: What is it with dachshunds? Josie was the biggest beggar ever. She was downright territorial when I was cooking. No one – even my children – were allowed to as much walk between her and the stove, or she would nip at your ankles. I created that little monster, so I take full responsibility for that.

We have turned into barbarians. We never eat at the table anymore. Josie would sit, beg, stand on her hind legs and wait for you to share a few morsels off your plate. If she was impatient (more often than not) she would be very vocal until you gave  her what she wanted. And I always gave in.

Enter Pippa. I have been very conscientious about NOT giving her people food. The only exception I have made is baby carrots. In her bowl, or as a treat when training.

She is incorrigible. While I am cooking, she is sitting at my feet, barking her head off for a treat. When I sit down with my plate, I have to be extra cautious as she is lightning fast trying to snatch something off my plate. So what’s up with that? Dinner tonight was a simple salad with left over rotisserie chicken. She thought it was filet mignon the way she was behaving. She hasn’t had people food, so why is she trying so very hard to get it?

What's up doxie?

So, I’m throwing out the book on training puppies, but I am NOT going to give in and give her what she wants. She’s rotten enough anyway. Any advice?


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2 Responses to what’s up doxie?

  1. Yikes. Does she eat when you do? Do you crate train? Can she be put outside for the few minutes you need to eat? Raising pups can be work but they can bring us so much joy as well. : )

  2. Mumsy and Chancy says:

    I purchased some low calorie cranberry treats at the pet store and when Chancy wants something the cats or guinea pigs have or that I eat I give him one of those. That has worked well for us. He will sneak any people food he can though so we have to keep a close eye out. Good luck and I hope you find a solution. Hugs and nose kisses for you all from us!

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