Nose Art

June 5: I’m jumping around here; attribute that to my ADD, but my heart just skipped several beats when I realized what I was looking at.

It’s a leisurely Sunday morning. I’m having coffee and reading the Sunday paper while the house is still quiet. Juno is sitting at the window, I should say rivited to the window, watching the squirrels eating the cast off bird seed from the bird feeder, and one crafty squirrel eating out of the sunflower seed feeder. I tried to get a photo of that, but it just didn’t do the squirrel justice – you couldn’t see to appreciate the acrobatics required for him to successfully get the seed out of the feeder.

And then I saw it. My heart sank and the tears welled. Nose Art. Josie loved to sit on the arm of the sofa and watch the birds and the squirrels. She would sit there with her nose pressed against the window to get a closer look. The result is what we always refer to as “nose art.” An OCD clean freak would refer to it as “dirty windows” but to me, it’s art. I have nose art on my car windows – from little canine faces trying to get a closer look out the car window. Josie’s art is still there too. Mainly visible to me, or the trained eye, but it’s still there because I can’t bear to wash the inside of my windows. Ditto for those windows in the house too, now that I have seen it. Before, I would’ve been running for the Windex. Now, it’s just another reminder I’m not ready to release yet.

Nose Art by Josie

"Nose Art" by Josie

This is the best I can do … “Nose Art” by Josie is the foggy area at the top of the frame – between the greenery (liriope) and my car.  Kinda looks ghostly.

Squeezing Pippa, and remembering my Josie.

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