Heal my heart

April 22: Easter weekend. Heading to Savannah to see Mother for the weekend. Guyton is on the way, and we’re stopping by to look at the puppies. I am keeping an open mind – we pretty much have pick of the litter. I know in my heart it is time. I know I want a girl… but which one? We arrive at the Zulian’s home. The family could not have been nicer. They were all waiting for our arrival, including the neighbors. The puppies were adorable, playing in the front yard in a little enclosed area. And there she was, the tiny red sable. It was love at first sight. I told myself I had to look at the other little girl, but already knew my heart belonged to the runt. The Little Cream girl was adorable. The Chocolate dapple male tugged at Katherine’s heart strings BIG TIME! If only I had a great yard
for them to all run and play in, I would have brought them all home. Mom Heidi
was in the house – she knew what was going on. She peeked out of the blinds,
watching every move. Karen’s son brought out Willie – Pippa’s dad. His face
took my breath away – it was Josie’s face. He was as big as Chester, and was
dappled with gray on his back. He was gorgeous. Goodbyes were said, and we were off to Savannah. Pippa cried for a little bit. One minute she was in the middle of her siblings, and the next, all alone with 4 strangers. I pulled over and made David drive so I could bond with her. She snuggled in, and took right to me. I could feel the hole in my heart begin to mend.

Our new puppy, Pippa

Josie’s Little Pipsqueak . . . Pippa

Our arrival at Mother’s was a different story. I need to preface this with a little background. Growing up, I had dogs. One dog in particular, Lysiak, was the king of the house. He was born when I was in the 4th or 5th grade, and lived until after David and I were married. He was my Mother’s companion after I moved out. Of all people, she should know the pain I felt when Josie died. I was with her when we had to put Lysiak down. I know she had a place in her heart for pets. Josie was very much my dog. She was very protective, and very territorial. Mother dog sat Josie once, so we could attend nephew Robert’s wedding. Josie was not happy about being left behind, and proceeded to chew on everyone’s hand that attempted to pull her from her kennel. Mother included. From then on, Mother had a strained relationship with Josie. She tolerated her.

My step-father is all together a different story. I don’t think he likes anything or anybody. Most of all, he does not like dogs; or any other animal for that matter. And that’s all I am saying about that.

We all dreaded the moment. Getting out of the car, showing up with *gasp* a DOG.  I will take the high road, and not air my dirty laundry here, but it was not pleasant.  I was ready to get back in the car and come home. Don’t ask me to choose between blank and my dog. My dog will win everytime. Unconditional love. It’s irreplacable.

In the effort to expell some energy – on my part and Pippa’s, we went for a little walk. I jogged, and she ran behind me down the road, ears flapping. Cuteness.

Pippa keeping up

April 23:  #1 she is such a good puppy. Goes to the bathroom on the wee wee pad!! #2 takes her time sniffing out her area, but does go when I take her outside. #3 It killed me to go to the beach and leave her alone for 4 hours. Went back to the house to check on her (it was the first time she had ever been alone in her entire life.) She was soooooooooo happy to see us. Jumped, barked, wagged her tail =)  I took her back to the beach in my Josie purse, much to my Mother’s dismay, who promptly cussed at me for bringing the *damn dog to the beach. It’s an $800 fine!!! She was in my purse. Granted, her little head was sticking out by now, but her feet didn’t hit the sand. I passed a couple sitting on the boardwalk with their dog. I wonder if they got a ticket? Where does the ok and not ok line begin? So while we were at dinner, once again she was confined to her kennel, and once again the reward was a wonderful joy on her face to see us again! She is a sweet, smart girl.

April 24: Off for an excursion to Wal-Mart for necessities. On the way, Pippa started climbing up my chest to get behind my head in the car just like Josie used to do. She lays her body across my shoulders, looking out the window. Katherine bought her her first plush squeaky toy. I bought her a plastic squeaky toy. It was bittersweet. She loved them immediately. So, she comes by her name honestly – the squeak part. Bought her a cute collar which she can tolerate. She absolutely hates the leash.


Pippa and her giraffe - her first squeaky toy

April 25: LONG car ride home. Pippa either slept in my lap or across my shoulders the whole way.  She tried her best to get her share of french fries, but we were all fast about it. She is just so sweet. She took some time exploring her new home. We romped around the yard for a bit, and met all of the cats except Sambo (who watched us from the driveway. She’s too feral to come over) Skeeter doesn’t know what to think. Juno swatted at her – enough to emit a yelp. Chaco got home and was immediately enamored. He hasn’t left my side all night. Pippa is in my lap. He’s just a little too anxious to get to know her. I don’t think I would like some big dog’s nose in my butt ALL the time. Went for a walk.
Pippa wouldn’t do the leash, so Chaco was on a leash, and I let her run along
when we were on Fairway. She got some great exercise =) Introduced her to Sidda and Oreo on the deck. She liked the deck. At one point when we were back inside – I am sitting at the kitchen table working – she scratched on the glass to go out like Josie used to do. AMAZING!


Every now and then she is called Josie by mistake. In my heart, it’s just Josie’s way of still being present in our lives. She always will be alive in our hearts. A day does not go by that I don’t think of Josie. It is getting easier. I don’t cry as much in the shower these days. The healing has begun; Pippa is healing my heart.

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