April 8: “ssssskit-em” always elicited a barrage of barking from Josie. If her pussycat pal Skeeter was close by, the barking was directed at him. Josie would nudge him, jump over him, jump on him, sit on him, stick her nose is his side and push him around – she loved playing with Skeeter. If Skeeter wasn’t close by – she just barked at the wind, practically pouncing in the air.

Josie & Skeeter

April 9: Talking to Chaco this morning, I said, “Josie come!” I’m really missing her today. I sat outside on the deck. It was too quiet. She would have barked at me sweeping the deck. She’s not cuddled beside me on the sofa. I want her back. I know I will see her again one day in heaven. I know she will meet me at the Rainbow Bridge. It was a blessing she died at home in my arms, but I sit everyday beside where she died, and it’s tough not to remember.

April 10: I have these wonderful little vertical scratches on several doors in my house – one being the door to the basement. It says closed to keep the cats out of trouble. But when I would descend the stairs to do laundry, and close the door behind me, I probably made it down two steps when I would hear a familiar scratching at the door – Josie’s way of saying “hello, me too. I wanna go!” If our bedroom door was closed at night, she would wake me up scratching on the door if she needed to go out. I was always grateful she asked instead of leaving me presents in the bedroom. If the door was cracked however, she could open it – no matter if the door opened in or out. She was a smart and resourceful little girl.  Debbie brought me a butterfly bush to plant in the garden for Josie. It will always remind me of their little friendship too. Of all my friends (besides the Watters’) Debbie was one who would put up with Josie’s barking and antics, and know exactly how to handle her. She’s a dog person too.

April 11: I discovered a photo of Josie and me from the lake. Don’t know how long ago it was taken, but brought a smile to my face. Josie loved to ride in the boat. The lake will be hard for me this summer. She loved to go to the dock. Most of the time she would climb in my beach bag, or insist on sitting in my lap. What I would give to have her sit in my lap on the dock – hot fur and all. Another spring storm tonight. Wish I had Josie to cuddle with.

Josie & Me at the Lake


April 12: Katherine came home with a terrible sunburn so I could take care of her.  It’s a strange memory – but a funny one regardless. . . Chaco has been chewing on everything, including Katherine’s rainbows. I told her she needs to put them up because he chews on everything, and she said “well, he hasn’t gotten my underwear yet.” Yep, it’s gross – but Josie would steal your underwear if they were left on the floor. That silly girl. I love her still.

April 13: I truly believe “dogs are a woman’s best friend.” I’ve lost my best friend. With both girls out of the house now, Josie truly was my best friend. She was always by my side. She kept all my secrets, and listened to all my worries. If I was working well into the night, she was by my side keeping me company. She usually followed me to the door on my way out in the morning – hoping I was going to say “wanna go?” but it was usually “I’ll be back.” If she didn’t follow me to the door, or if she wasn’t on the sofa when I left, I had to go look for her. Sometimes she was snug under Katherine’s bed in the middle of the sleeping bags, or searching for a morsel of cat food Skeeter or Juno might have dropped.  She always greeted me at the door when I came home. She had a happy bark that was her greeting – and stood up on her hind legs, and ran circles around me. She didn’t just shake her tail, she shook her whole butt. Always.

 April 14: Usually, Josie woke me up every morning. If she was sleeping in bed with me, at my feet, and I moved enough to “kick” her, she would growl as if to say “excuse me!!” or she would pounce on my chest, wagging her tail, and licking my face until I got up. I really miss that. These days, it’s Juno. She just pounces on me, and sometimes lies down until I will pet her. She might hiss at me, and if I don’t get up immediately, she’ll get down only to come back a few minutes later and the process starts over again.  She and Skeeter have no patience when it comes to food. When they’re hungry, they want to eat NOW! I love my cats, but I would much prefer to wake up to a cozy Josie.

Snuggle-puppy. A girl’s best friend. Ssssskit-em Josie 😉

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