PCV’s and IV’s

March 19, Saturday – Our new morning ritual – back to the vet. Lee did Josie’s bloodwork. Her PCV had fallen to 26. Her bilirubin is still very high. We’re concerned with her kidney function, her enzymes are off. She has not peed in 24 hours.  Josie stayed for the day for an IV – 500mg of fluid in hopes to flush her system. She had her prednisone shot.

I picked her up at 5:00, and thinking she might need to pee before we went home, we walked over to the grass. Nothing. I was grilling out steaks for dinner – no coincidencs since that is Josie’s most favorite people food. She would always be right under my feet just waiting for one little morsel to fall – or for me to feed it to her. She didn’t even get out of bed to come to the grill. She was not interested. A few licks of the ice cubes, but she was back to not wanting to open her mouth. I “pried” open her mouth and tried to rub Peroxyl on the ulcer on her tongue, and she wasn’t too happy. She still has really bad breath.  I offer food, she sniffs, seems to burp, and turns her head. All of the fluid has made her as fat as a tick about to bust. Her girly figure is no more. It takes a great effort for her to move. Her breathing is so labored – again, she sounds like she is wheezing on the exhale. When she sleeps, she sounds like she is snoring. I slept on the floor with her.  She moved around some, and at one point, I couldn’t find her – she had crawled between the sofa and the trunk, she was wedged in there. I took her outside to see if she would go to the bathroom. No luck. Instead, she crawled under the cat’s bench, and it was all I could do to get her out. I’m about to panic because I KNOW she needs to go to the bathroom!

March 20, Sunday –  Our morning started with our daily trip to the vet. Lee’s assistant wasn’t in yet, so I held Josie while he did an ultrasound on her abdomen. It was fascinating, but I couldn’t really tell what I was looking at. He said her bladder looked good, and it was not over-extended. Her Liver looked good, and one kidney looked good. One kidney’s pelvis was dilated and there was no explanation. There were no signs of a kidney stone. (note: Google tells me there is an area in your kidney called a renal pelvis which is the area where urine collects. The build up of urine causes the renal pelvis to dilate.)  Her lungs looked and sound good, but Lee could see some fluid in her abdomen area.  Lee is perplexed. Kidney enzymes are off still (they were yesterday too, hence the other reason to over saturate her). Her PCV was at 24. Her Bilirubin is still in the 100’s.

The good news for the day – her red blood cells are regenerating, so the bone marrow is doing it’s job. She had her daily prednisone shot. Once again, she stayed for the day for 400mg of fluids. I tried my best to keep busy around the house, but it was hard. I would have rather been sitting in the room at CCW with her. I went to pick her up, and she had another shot of prednisone, and small dose of Lasix to see if that will induce her to urinate. Josie was still in the kennel, hooked up to the IV when I went in to get her. She was so excited to see me. She wagged and wagged her tail. Her eyes looked happy, but almost sad. I can tell she is tired.

It was a warm and sunny afternoon. Josie sat up to stick her nose into the air vents. I rolled the window down for her, and she actually stood up to stick her head out to catch the wind as she loved to do. If I had known it would be her last ride, I would’ve ridden her around more. We spent some time out on our deck – she loved to bark at the birds and squirrels. She didn’t bark though, just observed. I stayed close by. Still hoping she would go to the bathroom…

I am almost optimistic.

I’m going to have to stop here. I have been reflecting back on my journal as I write this. I read ahead, and it brought the hurt back all over again. 

My heart aches for my Josie.

Hiding under Katherine’s bed in 2010

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